With the opiate crisis that is sweeping our nation, communities all across America are searching for ways to address this life and death issue. Whether it’s through support services, advocacy, or helping to educate the community, towns are searching for ways to help people stop and think before using prescription drugs, heroin, or other controlled substances.

Such is the case in Sullivan County. The Sullivan County Public Health Services is holding a video contest for drug awareness. If you live in Sullivan County and are in 9th through 12th grade, put those video skills and creativity to use.

They are looking for these to be 30 to 60-second videos made for local teens about the dangers of drug abuse. These videos will be viewed and judged by both the Public Health Staff and members of the Drug Prevention Task Force.

The winning video will be featured on the county’s website, YouTube channel, and other social media sites. Plus, the winner will be highlighted in an upcoming public session of the Sullivan County Legislature.

Videos will be accepted now through March 20, 2018. Click here for the rules and registration form.

Bonus Video

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