Deep breath in. Now breath out. Are you feeling more relaxed?

I'm on a mission to make the Hudson Valley a more zen, relaxing place. And I'm bringing some friends along with me for the ride.

For the past two weeks we've been qualifying Wolf listeners to Spend a Day with me at the Salt and Soul, Salt Therapy and Yoga spa in Saugerties.

What is Salt Therapy you ask? We had owner Darlene on the show who explained that salt therapy helps clear out your system. When you're sick you use saline solution to clear out your nose and salt water to gargle, right? Well the salt cave works the same way.

Well be heading out to Saugerties on Saturday with 5 listeners to get the full salt cave experience. You can too. Head to their website,, and schedule your 45 minute salt session.

They also offer yoga classes, Reiki, Sound Healing, Cave Yoga, Reflexology and Tarot Card readings.

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