Lyme disease is big problem plaguing the Hudson Valley and local elected officials have taken notice. But what can be done to solve the issue? Fox 5 News reports more people are fighting Lyme disease locally than almost anywhere in the country. The problem has become so severe, it's an issue on the campaign trail.

State Sen. Sue Serino along with challenger Terry Gibson recognize the seriousness of the issue and both have plans to fight the problem. Serino's son and Gibson himself were both bitten by ticks locally at different stages in their life.

Dr. Richard Horowitz recently uprooted his practice from Queens and settled in Hyde Park to be closer to what he views as a main culprit of all the problems. He considers the tick situation a full blown epidemic that is not being focused on properly.

Lyme disease is contracted by tick bites and left untreated can cause a wide variety of issues. The plentiful forest and environment, coupled with the higher temperatures the last several seasons are ideal circumstances for ticks to thrive.

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