A specific road in Wappingers Falls has a new roadside marker that dives a little into its origin story.

New Roadside Marker in Wappingers Falls, New York

Right in time for Halloween Wappingers Historical Society announced that a road in town would be unveiling and hosting a dedication ceremony for a new "Legends & Lore SPOOK HILL historic roadside marker." The Wappingers Historical Society wrote last week on Facebook:

This marker was granted to us by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation and commemorates the legend and folklore behind the naming of Spook Hill Road

For years, whenever I drove on Spook Hill I figured it got it's name from something spooky that happened years and years ago. Turns out, I was on to something.

How Did Spook Hill Road Get It's Name?

According to the new Legend and Folklore sign Spook Hill Road does have a bit of an eerie story behind it. The new roadside marker states:

Once a dirt road that passed along a rocky hillside. The eerie glow of moonlight reflected off the rocks spooked horses traveling past.

Wappingers Historic Society, Facebook
Wappingers Historic Society, Facebook

So there you have it. Not as spooky as we thought it could have been, but we'll leave the creepy stuff for our friends in Sleepy Hollow. If you'd like to see the whole dedication ceremony you can watch videos from the unveiling on Youtube.
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As mentioned above I always knew that there was something special about Spook Hill. I thought it was fun and a little silly to make a joke about how its a haunted road.  I know I'm not alone as Spook Hill made our list of Hudson Valley Street Names That Make us Laugh a few months ago.

Take a look at the full list below and let us know what street names we missed:

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