Holiday party season is in full swing and the holiday themed cocktails and mocktails abound. Hopefully your season will be full of creative holiday cheer. From shaved chocolate to caramel tidbits to winter fruits rimming the glasses these Christmas inspired spirits can add a festive element to your gathering.

Many holiday cocktails include the usual spirits. Whiskeys, rums, vodkas and wines are all common ingredients with juices such as cranberry, orange and white grape. Seasonal fruits like pears, pomegranates and even lime add zest and flair to a drink. Floating cranberries and cinnamon sticks can also be a nice accent.

The final touch could be a funky glass for each drink. Wide rim stemmed glasses, large rocks glasses and glasses with holiday decorations always do the trick.

Remember this holiday season to drink responsibly. Plan a designated driver before you head out and if you feel like you have had to much be sure to call for ride.

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