Remember when you were a kid and you just couldn't wait to grow up? Yeah me too...

Now don't get me wrong, becoming an adult brings a lot of cool things, but sometimes it can make your head kinda spin.

This year I've been trying to work on some things that give me trouble my in my everyday life.

I'm HORRIBLE when it comes to parallel parking, I'm that person that drives around until another spot opens up.

I've actually put cones up and tried to practice in the driveway to improve (I'm sure my neighbors have gotten a real kick out of this).

Another thing that gives me trouble is car information and car repairs. The past few months I've experienced this and realized I REALLY need to learn more.

Case in point...

A few days ago I was driving and I noticed the floor mat in my car seemed a little wet. It rained the night before, so I figured I just left the window open.

As I walked into work I realized the bottom of my sundress was covered in this brown liquid-goo. Needless to say, I found out there was a leak in my car and quickly got it repaired (I learned a great deal about the air conditioning system in my car).

Over the weekend, I went to the grocery store and when I was walking back to my car I noticed my hubcap was sticking out. I kicked it in (seemed logical) and a part hooked onto my sneaker causing a rip (fail).

Being an adult isn't the most glamorous job, but we all have to do it. A piece of advice I would like to give is learn more about things that fluster you...AND keep a change of clothes with you at all times.


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