The brief period of summer-like temperatures are over, and now the northeast is going to feel its first taste of winter.

After a week that saw temperatures climb into the 80s, the highs Saturday will barely reach 50.

The Hudson Valley will experience cold, rainy and windy conditions throughout the day, but some parts of the state could see it's first snowfall of the season.

AccuWeather says that snow is expected across some of the higher elevations in the Adirondacks and North Country Saturday night. Some areas could one to three inches of snow, with higher elevations possibly seeing more than six inches.

There's even a possibility that some of the higher areas in the Catskills could see a snowflake or two, though nothing significant.

Of course, none of this is out of the ordinary, The Adirondacks usually see their first snow of the season by mid to late October.

This could be a sign of things to come. Experts are predicting a cold, snowy winter for the Hudson Valley and Northeast, as a developing La Niña could lead to major snow storms, with areas in southern New York state and northeastern Pennsylvania seeing higher-than-normal totals this winter.

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