I can't be alone here, but I had no idea snow fleas existed.

Yes, you read that right. Snow Fleas. Facebook user Alexandar Blanc shared a photo in the Facebook group The Hudson Valley in Pictures that will probably make you skin crawl. Take a look:

Alexandar Blanc
Alexandar Blanc

What makes the photo so interesting, is that when you pull back a little further you'll see that these bugs have invaded a Hudson Valley ice covered waterfall:

Alexandar Blanc
Alexandar Blanc

We reached out to Alexandar who told us he took the photo at Harriman State Park. We asked him if he could tell us more about the insects he photographed and he shared that snow fleas or Hypogastrura nivicola are a "dark blue species of Springtails."

Blanc also told us that snow fleas are unique, explaining:

There seems to be a special protein in this insect that acts like a antifreeze. Research is being done to synthesize the protein to be used for transportation organ donation.

Can you believe these little creatures live in our own backyard?

Now, before you start getting all itchy, let's clear some things up. According to Healthline.com:

Snow fleas are not actually fleas. And, unlike the fleas you typically find on your pets, snow fleas do not bite. The insects are harmless to both humans and pets.

Thankfully, we as humans have nothing to worry about, but snow fleas can become an issue if they are found in large quantities in your house.

When Alexandar Blanc isn't just taking photos of creepy crawlies in the Hudson Valley, he is checking out Bear Mountain State Park and is passionate about philanthropy, working with organizations like The Wounded Warrior Project and Domestic Violence Support program. 

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