Find anything interesting with your lunch?

An unexpected visitor was found at a primary school in New York state Friday, and officials believe the intruder may have hitched a ride all the way from Central America. We can only imagine how the poor soul who discovered this must have reacted, for what they found is known to carry a nasty sting.

Think they can survive in a lunchroom at a local school?

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Love at First Sting 

WBNG is reporting that a stowaway scorpion was found with a bunch of bananas at Stanford Gibson Primary School Friday. The Norwich Central School District said the scorpion was discovered when cafeteria employees were washing the bananas. The district says students in the zoology class took the guest to class, where it was studied and fed a variety of tasty crickets.

School officials think the scorpion snuck into a banana box being shipped out of Guatemala.

Are Scorpions Native to New York State? 

Scorpions are not generally found in New York state, for they are cold-blooded invertebrates that prefer warmer climates. Winters in the Northeast are just too cold for them, plus there is an abundance of natural predators who'd make a scorpion an easy snack.

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There are many species of scorpion, who mainly can be found in desert areas or subtropical climates. However, these predatory arachnids have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions and can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

There is a species called pseudoscorpions (or, book scorpions) that are found in New York state, however. These tiny creatures belong to the class arachnid and lack the curved "tail" scorpion are known for.

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