Wait, there's only six?

Let's start by agreeing that most chores are just that, chores. For most of us these tasks are things that if we had a choice to do or not most of us would pick the latter. Or we would at least like to get someone else to do them for us.

Depending on what your at home life status is (single, married, roommate), will have a big say in the things you don't mind doing and the things you actually hate doing. I saw somewhere that the chore that men hate doing the most is laundry. At home I do my own, and I'm one of those guys that hates doing it, BUT I don't trust anyone else to do it. I actually think I do it better than anyone else can...LOL!

The dreaded chore for most ladies in the Hudson Valley is the task of cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom chore was far and away the number one most hated, with doing the dishes a distant second.

What weekly, or monthly chores do you hate having to do? Call or text us through he Wolf app. Here are the top six we came up with, with pictures and all...LOL. Happy cleaning.

Six Chores the Hudson Valley Hates

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