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It's Wednesday, in case you have fallen into the coronavirus hole of forgetting what day of the week it is, and that means it time for all of us to get into therapist mode. Join Jess and I as we dim the lights, light a candle and open up our email to read you a issue that a fellow Wolf listener is dealing with. We say it every week, YOU GUYS GIVE GREAT ADVICE!

This weeks "We Gotcha Wednesday" email comes from a woman who is dealing with a stimulus check problem, she wrote us....

"CJ and Jess I hope you guys can help me out. Here's the deal, I was so excited last week because I received my $1,200 stimulus check. I so need it! Anyway I told my fiance that I received it and he says that he is entitled to half of it. He is not getting a stimulus check because he owes his first wife child support. He fell behind because he lost his job a while back. I told him that the money is mine, not his. He disagreed and said because we're getting married we should split everything 50/50. OMG! This made me beyond angry!! Yesterday, I started feeling guilty because it wasn't his fault he lost his job and fell behind on child support. Should I split the money or not?"

Anytime I deal with anything involving money, I try to put myself in the other persons shoes. I guess my question would be, would she expect him to split it with her if the roles were reversed? If yes they she needs to split it with him, right?

What do you guys think she should do? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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