Update: Confederate Railroad's performance at the Ulster County Fair has been canceled following concerns raised about the band's name, the Associated Press is reporting.

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Let's hear what the Hudson Valley really has to say.

If you missed the story covered by Hudson Valley Post, many residents and local officials are calling for the country rock group Confederate Railroad to be removed from the entertainment from this years Ulster County Fair in New Paltz.

An online petition has been started to get fair officials to cancel the performance and as of now has 316 signatures. Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan's office has also released a statement stating that the fair should remove the group from its entertainment line up.

As I began to talk about this on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we asked how you feel about the possibility of this show being pulled and we received a ton of text messages from listeners just like you....

Bill from Washingtonville wrote, "This Ulster County matters is a non-event created by a politician who wants his name in the news. As for offensive, let us consider the many atrocities committed under our beloved stars and stripes, such as the government-sanctioned & conducted genocide of Native Americans in the 19th century or the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the 20th; that are either overlooked, unknown, or conveniently ignored by those who seem to feel they know what is best for the rest of us. The fact remains that every nation's flag represents a country whose history contains facts about which they are likely not too proud. So goes the world. We don't see the Egyptians tearing down the pyramids because they were reportedly built by slaves, do we? In WW2, the US gladly allied with Stalin, yet he murdered far more than Hitler, but we can just look the other way, right? That inconvenient fact was never taught in history class, was it? The fact remains that history is what it is, but there is something intrinsically wrong with the fact that the burning of the US flag is protected speech, ISIS flags can be bought online while the same retailer will not sell a Confederate flag. To what mind does these PC-driven absurdities make sense? The great poet Maya Angelou said it all when she wrote: (I'll paraphrase) 'History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unloved, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.' Words to ponder, for sure."

Pam from Monticello wrote, "It's time for people to start growing up and stop being offended by every little thing they don't agree with. We all have to realize that we all have different opinions about things and that we are all entitled to those opinions BUT must remember that other people may have a different opinion. Not everyone's opinion is right but respect the fact that they are entitled to their opinions."

Stephanie from Kingston wrote, "Absolutely not! It’s a name! If you like the music and it’s not offensive then enjoy. We need more music in our life. To many are taking things way out of context. Are you going to tell the Yankees to change their name or your not going to the game?"

Tom from Hyde Park wrote, "This is ridiculous. If they cancel I will not attend the fair. The flag is part of our history and the civil war was not only about slavery. If the name and logo offend you don't go."

We have reached out to various people to see when a decision will be made on the performance and as soon as we get confirmation, one way or the other we will update this story. I have also reached out to Pat Ryan's office and offered some air time to him and as of now have not heard back.

The fair kicks off on July 31st and the group is scheduled as of now, to perform on Thursday, August 1 at 8 p.m. at the fairgrounds on Libertyville Rd in New Paltz.

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