Imagine, it's your first day on the job. Maybe you've just graduated and you're ready to go, and maybe a little nervous, then you come across a situation and you jump into action.

That's kind of what happened to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer, Kevin Wamsley. He had graduated from 21st Basic Academy on August 25, and on the morning of August 28, he found himself along with ECOs Bob Hodor and Deo Read investigating an illegal construction and demolition dumping case in the Town of Hyde Park.


According to the NYSDEC, the officers were conducting surveillance at a local gun club around 4 am, when two trucks were seen driving onto the club's property whereupon they dumped dirty fill and non-exempt materials at the club grounds.

As a result, on his first day as an ECO, Kevin Wamsley issued seven summons before 7 in the morning. Job well done ECO Wamsley.

If you see an environmental crime or believe that an environmental law is being violated, please call the DEC Division of Law Enforcement Hotline at 1-844-332-3267.

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