Recently I have been trying to get my senior dog to eat. Many of you have met my little girl Pearl she has been part of the family since 2009 when we adopted her from Pets Alive in Middletown, New York.

She is officially 15 and a half and slowing down rather quickly. I have a great Vet who has counseled me on how to make what time she has left enjoyable for her and most importantly comfortable. Lately, she will only eat grilled hamburgers or chicken which isn't a very balanced diet.

How to Get an Older Dog to Eat Dinner

One of my biggest concerns, when she became a picky eater, was how I was going to get her the vitamins and minerals that she needed. Older dogs stop eating or become picky about food for many reasons. It is important for you and your Vet to determine what could be the underlying cause.

In Pearl's case, we determined there were a few issues going on all of which are typical for a dog her age. So now, I have a dog with an unbalanced diet because she refuses to eat pet food and does eat fruits and veggies.


Do they Make Pedialyte for Pets?

I went looking for a pet "Pedialyte". I found quite a few brands. The American Kennel Club offers a lot of insight into all of these products. I also found a large variety of liquid pet vitamins. But I was hoping to find something I could add to her food to make it more enjoyable and nutritious so I ended up going in a different direction.

Can Dogs Eat Baby Food

I have started adding baby food to my dog's food. says that is ok to a point. You definitely want to make sure you are getting baby food that has minimal ingredients. Get the food that is closest to just the vegetable products that your dog enjoys eating. Also, make sure it doesn't have garlic or onion added.


My dog Pearl always enjoyed sweet potatoes so that is what I got. I also grabbed a small amount of green beans. What I have done with them is spread it over whatever meat I made for her almost like gravy and so far so good she is eating it all.

Always consult a veterinarian if your dog stops wanting to eat. There can be numerous reasons why a dog says no to dog food. Some are serious and others very treatable.

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