With over 25 million gallons of crude oil being shipped per week on the Hudson River, one would hope that the nautical maps the ships use to navigate the river are up-to-date. According to Senator Chuck Schumer, the current charts the ships use were made 115 years ago.

Standing at Unico Park in Newburgh, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today urged the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to immediately update the current nautical charts of the Hudson River. According to a press release, these outdated charts, created using outdated technology,no longer accurately represent the channels up and down the Hudson River. According to Schumer, because of such outdated information, this could result in a devastating oil spill in the Hudson River.

According to Senator Schumer's press release, the Hudson River is used by giant oil ship tankers, among other ships, to transport over 25 million gallons of crude oil each week. According to the Hudson River Pilots Association, the more than 100-mile journey up the Hudson begins to narrow between Kingston and Albany by more than 400 feet. The journey up and down the river often includes difficult tides and current.

There was an accident in 2012 when an oil tanker ran aground 10 miles south of Albany. Fortunately in that instance, the tanker, carrying nearly 12 million gallons of crude oil, did not release any oil into the Hudson River. We may not be as lucky next time. According to Senator Schumer's office, future accidents could be averted if NOAA used its 21st Century advanced mapping technology to remap the Hudson River.