HINT: It's beyond ANNOYING!!

I spend most of my days trying my best to enjoy the good things in life, at the request of my therapist...LOL! This time of year it takes a lot to get under my skin. I've learned over the last few years that if you have patience with things in life, things can and will become incredibly better. Now it won't happen over night but it happens.

I made a deal with myself that I would do everything I can to exercise patience with everything. I've stopped myself from honking my horn at lights, I let people go ahead of me in lines at the grocery store if they only have a few things, I park my car in spots away from stores so that people that need a close spot can use it. All of these things I encourage everyone to try out for a while and I promise that "life" will get a bit better.

One thing I have to ask though is that if this is something you do on a regular basis, PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If your unsure what this is, let me explain. The great folks at Stewarts Shops across the Hudson Valley are nice enough to be one of the only places that you can put air in your tires for FREE! Anytime my tire light comes on in my car I go out of my way to stop by a Stewarts to check the pressure and it seems that every time I need air someone is parked in the "air" spot.

Now I understand parking in the spot if you need air for your tires, heck you can park there to run into the store quick, but for the love of everything you hold HOLY!! DON'T PARK IN THE SPOT TO SMOKE AND SCRATCH OFF LOTTERY TICKETS FOR 10 MINUTES!!

I waited and waited and waited for him to move and NOTHING! I had to get out of the car and ask for him to move. I asked nicely and would you believe HE GOT TESTY WITH ME????? He said, I'll move when I'm done." Excuse me? OK back to how I stared this, breathe CJ! I walked away got back in my car and drove away. Let's all make a plan together, don't be this guy!!

And YES my tire light is still on!

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