Fortune has once again rated their best companies to work for in 2022, and one company based right out of New York state had made the top 3 again.

Even during a time that some financial experts have dubbed The Great Resignation, where millions of Americans have left their jobs, this company continues to flourish. In fact, this grocery store chain has made it into the Top 100 Companies to Work For every single year since the list was first started in 1998.

Fortune interviewed over 4 million workers across the country, using a survey consisting of 60 questions about their workplace. This could mean a lot of things for employees, including their job's benefits, how they are treated, job growth opportunities, and overall trust. Once again, Wegmans Food Markets Inc. out of Rochester scored very high. Wegmans was rated the number 3 company to work for by employees. They only ranked behind Cisco Systems and Hilton on this year's survey.

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This is yet another shining review in a long line of accolades for Wegmans. A poll conducted by Axios and Harris in 2019 found that Wegmans ranks as one of the best companies for both consumers and employees in the United States. If you think about it, they beat out some very well-known companies, such as Amazon, L.L. Bean, and Walt Disney to earn the distinction.

While you can find Wegmans in the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and western part of the state, there aren't really any in the Hudson Valley. Why is that? In 2020, Wegmans opened their new store in Harrison to huge crowds, who had waited years for the Westchester spot to finally open. And while it's technically the lower part of the Hudson Valley, that's still quite a drive for those in places like Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, or Kingston.

Wegmans' first New York City location opened in the Brooklyn Navy Yards in October 2019. Aside from that, you'll have to go to Pennsylvania to find one.

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