Reba McEntire has been enjoying traversing the globe of late. Following a June trip to South Africa (which she noted on Instagram), the superstar shared a cool photo showing off her latest trek — a visit to Iceland with her boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo.

If the beautiful vista she shared in the photo wasn't enough to sway fans to her tastes in travel, McEntire added some personal words of recommendation: "What an incredible trip! Skeeter and I had a blast in Iceland! I highly recommend it!"

More Pictures of Reba and Skeeter Together:

More remarkable than the scenery, however, might be the fact that McEntire has not shared many photos of Lasuzzo since announcing they were a thing earlier this year. It's nice to see the couple enjoying quality time together.

McEntire first revealed she was dating Lasuzzo (real first name Anthony) at the 2018 Grammy Awards, saying “My date is Skeeter—Skeeter Lasuzzo. He’s my boyfriend. We’ve been having fun. We’ve been to three plays here in New York, just enjoying it tremendously.”

Lasuzzo is a retired geologist and current photographer, and he got together with McEntire via the good old-fashioned friend-of-a-friend way, during a vacation where McEntire was hanging out with Kix Brooks in Wyoming.

"Kix and Barbara Brooks thought it'd be a good idea, since we were gonna be up around Yellowstone, to get Kix's best friend's wife's brother to show us around. He's a photographer in Jackson Hole," McEntire explains of the meeting.

The brother happened to be Lasuzzo, who was so taken by the fiery singer that he ended up asking her out on a date when she returned to Jackson Hole for a separate trip.

At that point it'd been two years since McEntire and her husband of 26 years separated. To varying degrees she's talked about the pain and emotional toil of her second divorce, but mostly kept it positive, telling us in January 2017 that she was indeed ready to love again. And it looks like she's not only ready to love again ... she's ready to take that love all over the globe!

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