Smitty went out of town for a few days, and something happened that could've landed him in jail if he was in New York.

While in Pennsylvania, Smitty along his wife's family took a drive to a place called the "100 -mile view". The views were absolutely amazing, and beautiful.

While we were there, we launched some sky lanterns as a memorial to a family member who passed away a few months ago. We launch a bunch of the lanterns without incident, and then it happened...

My wife's cousin let her lantern go and it floated right into a tree. We all had that "what the $%#@!" moment, and scrambled trying to figure out what to do to get it out of tree.


We managed to get the lantern out of the tree without it causing a fire, by throwing multiple rocks at it until it fell down and the flame was extinquished.

This is a good reason why sky lanterns are banned in New York, as they pose a fire risk. Sky lanterns have caused many issues over the years and 29 states have banned them.

In New York State, you can launch sky lanterns ONLY if they are anchored or tethered. Makes sense considering I could have been a conspirator in a forest fire in Pennsylvania.

So before you want to pretend you're in the Disney movie 'Tangled', make sure you know what will get in trouble with the police.


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