We have all done it. We food shop and buy things that we think we will eat. Then low and be hold we throw it away. Food waste is so awful when you realize how many people live with food insecurity in the Hudson Valley. I sometimes make my self feel better by putting it out for the "critters".  But really that isn't a solution.
Let's talk food waste and in my case usually fruit, veggies or bread. How do I end up with so many pieces of fruit I don't eat or worst bread that molds? And how do I stop doing it? Well I might finally get my answers thanks to The Town of Ulster Library and ShopRite of Kingston on Monday May 4th.
ShopRite of Kingston and the Town of Ulster Library are holding a virtual presentation on "How to Buy, Cook and Eat to Reduce Food Waste (and Save Money)". The presentation will be held Monday May 4th from 12:00PM to 12:45PM. You do need to register and that can be done by emailing programs@townofulsterlibrary.org by this Friday May 1st. Once your registered you can receive log in information. For more information you can email Kristin Kessler, ShopRite Dietitian by emailing kristin.kessler@wakefern.com
I think I know how it happens. One, I tend to shop hungry. That is not good for for waste or your budget. Two, I am convinced I need a loaf of bread and rolls. This is definitely not true. Reality is I probably don't need either. And three, I don't buy things individually. I think I am saving money when what it really means is I am buy a package meant for a family of 6 and I am only a family of 2. Something is definitely getting wasted in that plan, probably food and money.

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