Halloween decorating gives Christmas decorating a run for it's money. For years when I was growing up people simply carved a pumpkin and possibly hung a bed sheet ghost to decorate for the big night of scary trick or treating. Now a days just about everyone has gone over the top high tech.

According to an online article by Architectural Digest the average American spend $82.93 per person last year on what they refer to as what might be the biggest DYI holiday of the year. The 2015 total was reported to be a mere $72.34. Could 2017 be the year we break $100.

Checkout these cool 2017 ideas from Design Trend Seeker. They get you in the mood to create spooky fun.

I started having Halloween Decorating fun at my house in September.

MR Sept 1

Unfortunately Hurricane Irma's humidity caused Mr September to meet an early demise. He only made it 5 days and developed the pumpkin black eye,mold.

MR Sept 6

Now that it is officially October I can hit the front yard without the neighbors asking questions. Good luck and happy decorating.

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