I am old enough to remember when you didn't analyze all the food you ate. When whatever new item hit the store shelves be it canned this, frozen that or preserved something everyone ran out to get it. My mom tried to keep us away from "the junk". We never had Fluff a Nutter or Wonder Bread but we did have lots of canned vegetables. I was a child of the 60's and 70's. Those were the casserole days.

We are more aware than ever that we should be "eating right". This time of year it is pretty easy. All our local farm markets are in full swing. Here in the Hudson Valley we are very fortunate to have access to locally grown fruits and veggies.

But what do you do about all the other goodies we like to eat? And what about the foods we add to the fresh food we may purchase? It isn't easy to avoid all the things they say are "bad" for us. You can try while you are roaming around your local food market to find the food that is close to "real" but let's face it nothing is labeled "I'm the junk you shouldn't eat".

So all we can do is get educated and make good choices. I also believe that the "bad stuff" is okay in moderation. So on the heels of Panera Bread removing 150 ingredients, Reader's Digest has some insight as well.

Liz Vaccariello Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest was interviewed this morning on CBS about an article in The June issue of Reader's Digest, "50 Secrets Food Manufacturers Won't Tell You. Good luck and Good Eats.

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