Cocaine Bear is a hit movie based loosely based off a true story. But a scarier real-life situation has top Hudson Valley health officials on edge. "Rabid Bears."

Over the weekend the Westchester County Department of Health confirmed a bear tested postie for rabies in Northern Westchester County

Rabid Bear Found In Lewisboro, Westcheter County, New York


The Westchester County Department of Health was notified on Friday that a bear cub in the town of Lewisboro has tested positive for rabies.

"The Department is alerting residents to avoid any wild animals appearing ill, and to call their doctor if they have had contact with a bear cub in the last two weeks," the Westchester County Department of Health stated in a press release. "Residents should never approach or have contact with a stray or wild animal. Residents who see a stray or wild animal acting strangely should alert local authorities to avoid possible exposure to rabies. Residents are also advised to keep their trashcan lids securely sealed, remove wild bird feeders, and avoid leaving pet food outdoors."

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Health Officials Are "Concerned" About More "Rabid Bears" In Hudson Valley

Black bear
Jillian Cooper

Top Westchester County officials say they are "concerned there may be more rabid bears," in the Hudson Valley and are "monitoring the situation."

"Unusual behavior may be the first sign of rabies in an animal. A rabid animal may become either abnormally aggressive or unusually tame. It may lose fear of people and become excited and irritable, or appear particularly passive and lethargic. Staggering and frothing at the mouth are sometimes noted," the Westchester County Department of Health added in its press release. "Any physical contact with a wild or unfamiliar animal should be reported to a health care provider. All animal bites or contacts with animals suspected of having rabies must be reported to the Westchester County Department of Health at (914) 813-5000, 24 hours a day."

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Bears Spotted In Dutchess County, New York On Train Tracks In New York State


Last week, Hudson Valley Post reported on two young bear cubs that were found stranded on train tracks Dutchess County, New York

The bears were young cubs who were motherless and abandoned on train tracks at the Metro-North Railroad in Pawling, New York, according to the DEC.

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