It is no secret that I enjoy a good tarot card reading now and then. I enjoy stopping into my favorite metaphysical store to do a bit of shopping and have someone read my cards.

I have even made visiting psychic shops part of my vacations. Candy stores, antique shops, and at least one eclectic place is always on the travel list.

What is a Gallery Night with a Psychic Medium

What is wild is that with all my curiosity when it comes to the metaphysical world I have never actually attended a gallery night hosted by a psychic medium.  You are sure to have seen something similar on TV. Some shows will have a psychic medium appear on the show who will do reading for people in the audience.

Matt Fraser via Facebook
Matt Fraser via Facebook

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Many popular mediums host these types of nights as tours which they do in person for a ticket public. Some people come to watch the medium's process unfold, others come in the hope that they will get a reading.

It can be a very emotional process. All you have to do is watch a video or two of people getting messages through a psychic medium from a deceased loved one to feel what it must be like to have a reading done.

Who Is the Psychic Medium Coming to Peekskill, New York

So if you are ready to experience a psychic medium you may want to consider starting with Matt Fraser. I had never heard of Matt mostly because I don't watch much reality TV, but he ended up in my social media feed when he asked if there was a place called Peekskill, New York.

Matt Fraser via Facebook
Matt Fraser via Facebook

The response was overwhelming. Everyone commented yes it is a real place and so happy that Matt had booked a tour date at the Paramount Theatre in Peekskill on April 5th, 2024. Matt Fraser according to what I have researched is considered a top psychic medium.

He is a New York Times bestselling author and well-known because of various appearances on TV including the Reality show Meet the Frasers which ran in 2020 and is now available for streaming.

 Psychic Medium Matt Fraser at the Paramount Hudson Valley

Tickets are on sale already for Matt Fraser at the Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill. This is an 18-and-over event. Children are not allowed to attend this event.

Seeing Matt LIVE is so much more than a show—it is the most powerful family reunion with Heaven ever to be experienced. (via Paramount Hudson Valley Facebook)

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