Should it be illegal for anyone under 21 to have a cell phone? If a Senator from Vermont has his way, it would be.

According to News 10, Democrat Senator John Rodgers from Vermont has introduced a bill titled S.212 that would make it a crime if anyone under 21 was caught owning a cellphone.

The legislation states that if the bill is passed, possession or use of a cellphone would be a misdemeanor crime that would be punishable by a maximum of a year in jail or a $1,000 fine or both.

Why? According to the legislation,"The internet and social media, accessed primarily through cell phones, are used to radicalize and recruit terrorists, fascists and other extremists,” it also states that there are links between cellphone use by people under the age of 21 to a rise in driving fatalities, suicides, and mass shootings.

The bill was introduced on Tuesday by Senator Rodgers and he told News 10 that he introduced it to make a point, he said, "“I have no delusions that it’s going to pass, I wouldn’t probably vote for it myself.”

He also commented that he thinks, "owning a cellphone may be more dangerous than owning a gun."

No word if any bill like this will be introduced in the State of New York.

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