Is there such a thing?

Over the last few weeks we've spent a bunch of time talking about waiting in line for one thing or another. There have been reported lines at most Hudson Valley stores, a lot of people had to wait in line to cast their vote in this years elections and one point or another you've had to wait in line at the grocery store.

When you wait in line do you follow any sort of rules? I ask because we got an email from a fellow Wolf listener today explaining how she had a run in at the grocery store over the weekend and she wanted to ask our advice. She wrote us....

"You guys were talking about waiting in lines on the show today and I thought you would want to hear about what happened to me waiting in line over the weekend. I was shopping at BJ’s on Saturday and as I was waiting in the extremely long line to check out the person in front of me asked me to hold their spot because she forgot something. I didn’t really answer but she left the line and took forever getting back. Her place in line came up and I moved her stuff behind me and started to checkout. When she finally came back, she started to yell at me for cutting her in line. She was pretty upset. I finished up and got the heck out of there. LOL. She’s probably still yelling. Did I do anything wrong? Would you have waited for her to come back?"

I think I would have waited for as long as the line would allow, right? If people started "huffing and puffing" I would have done the same thing and skipped her place in line. She was holding everyone up, right?

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