I want to start this by saying I have never gone this fast on a motorcycle and I don't plan to but I know many people who enjoy this level of riding. Imagine being able to open up your motorcycle or even your car on a track at enclosed track speeds.

I discovered a big kid playground in Harpersfield, New York where bike and car enthusiasts can hit the track and fly. NYSt - New York Saftey Track is waiting for you if you are a speed junkie.

Where to Go to Practice Racing Motorcycles in New York

New York Safety Track (NYST) at 396 Zimmerman Road in Harperfield New York offers a closed track for you and your friends and family to enjoy. Not far from the Hudosn Valley NYST is located just past the Catkskills in Delaware County, New York. Just a short drive and Walk-ons are Welcome.

NYST - New York Safety Track via Fcebook
NYST - New York Safety Track via Fcebook

A fun fact is if you know someone with a plane you can fly there because they have an airport on the grounds which includes a paved track 2.2 miles in length with 18 turns. There is an elevation change of 450 feet and 7 hills and drops. You can make a weekend out of it.

NYST - New York Safety Track via Facebook
NYST - New York Safety Track via Facebook

What Can You Do at the New York Safety Track?

You can take classes, attend events, or bring your stuff for track time. They have everything you need to ride available for rent. They also have food, drink, and facilities so you can make a day of it. NYST.com can also link you to lodging and more about the area if you want to go for a weekend or even a week.

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