Many Hudson Valley businesses are doing fun things this holiday season to keep our spirits up. The Poughkeepsie Plaza is one of them and is hoping you will play along. What they have devised is so simple anyone can do it. Plus, it could get you in on a gift certificate just in time to finish up your Christmas shopping. They want to see you ugly Christmas / Holiday sweater.

I don't actually own an ugly Christmas sweater. And by that I mean I don't actually have any sweaters at the moment. If I did, I am sure they would be considered ugly. I have some pretty bad taste in sweaters. After reading what the Poughkeepsie plaza has planned I may just have to go out and get one just to get in on the holiday fun.

So here is what they have planned. They want you to share a picture of yourself and feel free to include friends, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater on their Facebook page (Poughkeepsie Plaza Facebook). According to a post from November 29th they will be putting up a Facebook post on December 14th for this contest. That is where you will share your photo. You will put the photo in the comment section of the "Show Us Your Ugly Sweater" post. Sharing your photo will put you in the running for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

The plaza plans to announce the winners of the top three ugliest sweaters on December 18th.

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