There's nothing we love more than supporting local Hudson Valley artist. Whether it be photography, painting, music or whatever it may be we want to share the HV talent pool with those far and wide.

A local Arlington grad is putting in the work to make it in the hip hop/pop music world. His videos alone will make you forget that we're heading in to that cold New York weather. You get it, the videos are hot.

BMOB, is a Poughkeepsie native fairly new to the music scene. He's been performing around the Hudson Valley since 2019 and adding more and more content to his portfolio.

His latest release is most definitely an ear-worm. "Holiday" can take you out of whatever kind of quarantine funk you have found yourself in.  I've had the hook stuck in my head for the past 20 minutes and have been replying to people by saying "Okay, okay" in a BMOB voice. Take a listen (NSFW):


Looking for a throwback, funky, upbeat song? Then definitely check out "Nice Clothes Cheap Wine." It's probably one of my favorites at the moment.

BMOB's latest release Super Heartbreaker 2 was released back on September 14th and he's been hustling throughout the pandemic to get his music out there.

You can follow along with BMOB and his journey on all of his social media accounts:
Instagram: @bmobmusic
Youtube: BMOB

All of BMOB's music is available for download and stream on your preferred music service of choice.

What new music are you listening to? Let us know in the comments!

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