If you were wondering what business used to call this Poughkeepsie location home, we have some answers!

After writing last week about sitting at the light on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, in front of the South Hills Mall and trying to remember what business was in the building where Orthopedic Associates calls home now.

Once I finished writing my article about it, I shared the story on Facebook, and was blown away by the amount of comments that were left to help me figured it out. The comments ranged in answers from, Gateway, to Best Buy, to my favorite comment from Anthony, who wrote, "I think it was a nudie bar called “Bobby’s Boobie Trap". No it wasn't that...LOL! It was....

Circuit City Announces Cutbacks
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Now that I know the answer, I feel a little dumb for not remembering that one of the biggest electronic stores used to call this location home. Yes, Circuit City!!! I can remember going into the location on Route 9 once or twice back in the day to check out the TV set ups they had. If I remember correctly, they had a set up in the store so you could sit down like you were in your living room to see and hear how things would look and sound at home.

As far as, what was at that same location before Circuit City, we got a bunch of comments from people saying that it was once a motel, and after looking around, the Dorchester Motor Lodge called the same property home for a while according to the Post Card Motel website. The motel was eventually knocked down, and destroyed with the property being turned into Circuit City.

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