Everyone has different holiday traditions, whether it be how you decorate your home for the season or what meals and cookies you're baking for friends and family.

Little Debbie's Holiday Tradition

During my Freshman year of college, one of my roommates brought back Little Debbie's Christmas Cakes for the room.  Throughout the 4 years we all lived together, it became a tradition to get them to kick off the holiday season.

If you have no idea what Little Debbie's Christmas Cakes are a) how dare you? and b) they're these magical creations:

Even now, years after being in college, we'll send each other photos of our Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes purchases. With that being said an award-winning Hudson Valley restaurant has incorporated Little Debbie's into their holiday celebration.

Ben's Fresh Introduces Holiday Parfait to Their Menu

While scrolling on Instagram, I scrolled past a post from Bens Fresh that made me stop dead in my scrolling tracks. The Port Jervis Restaurant is one of my favorites to follow with all of its amazing food creations.

Over the summer Bens Fresh won Battle of The Best on our sister station WPDH for Best Burger and Best Ice Cream. They serve up a variety of comfort foods and Bens Fresh is a full-service year-round ice cream parlor. Which gives them the opportunity to get creative during different holidays. 

Right before Thanksgiving Bens Fresh introduced their Christmas Parfait that's topped with my favorite holiday tradition, a Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cake!

The post was shared thousands of times with comments from all over the US asking where Bens Fresh was located and how they can get their hands on this cup of holiday spirit. 

 You can get a close-up look at this majestic creation on the Bens Fresh Instagram account:

I bet Santa would take this over any cookies!

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