We ❤ Port Jervis.

Every Monday, (this week Tuesday) we drag in the Wolf's "wheel O' Towns to help us in picking the Wolf hometown of the week. Our wheel has twenty spots on it with towns from Connecticut all the way through the Hudson Valley and each week we invite one lucky listener to call in a pick what town they think the wheel will land on. This week we welcomed Jen on the show to give the wheel a spin. She picked Danbury and after Jess spun away it landed on Port Jervis.

Jen didn't win, but Port Jervis did as they are officially now the Wolf hometown of the week!!! Let's get to know Port Jervis a little better. It's a city (LOL) located in Orange County, New York with over 10,000 residents. The question we ask each week to get to know our hometown is "tell us something we might not know". We asked and you guys let us know some things we had no idea about Port Jervis.

Tri-States Monument

The Tri-States Monument is underneath the I-84 bridge that goes across the Delaware River. It's the spot where New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey all come together. Brian texted us that it's a popular spot for people to say they stood in three states at once.

Riverside Creamery

If you like ice cream, Riverside Creamery is a must visit after exploring Port Jervis. They have a ton of flavors and according to Linda who texted us, "you guys have to try their fried ice cream!...UNREAL!!!"

Hawks Nest

It's a stretch of Route 97 around Port Jervis, that some call one of the most scenic roads anywhere. The Hawks Nest has four pull-offs areas that drivers can pull in to and check out some amazing views of the Delaware River Valley. Many people love to take pictures at the Hawks Nest around sunset. According Undercovering New York, the road itself is a great roadway to drive and has been featured in many car commercials.

What did we miss? Call or text us through the Wolf app and be listening every Monday for a new spin of the "Wheel O' Towns".

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