If you have younger kids and allow them to use a smartphone make sure your aware of this app.

My wife and I decided late last year that our 11 year old daughter Julianna was ready for an iPod touch. We didn't want to give her a full blown iPhone but we wanted to give her some access to today technology, so we went with the iPod touch. She has the ability to text, face time and use most apps and that's where things can get a little scary.

We don't allow her Facebook or any social media sites like that and she can't download anything without us doing it for her. A few months back she asked me to download an app for her called Musical.ly. It's a popular app that a lot of kids use to have fun making music videos. Sounds innocent enough but like I found out, it could be really dangerous.

According to ABC 7, a dad from Illinois allowed his 7 year old daughter to use the app as well and discovered that the app has a messaging feature after his daughter started to get messages from strangers.

After the discovery, Brad Summer took to social media and shared every parents nightmare.

Make sure you share this with your friends that have younger kids and make sure that you always keep an eye on what your kids have access to.

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