If you plan on buying a real tree this year you might want to make sure it will actually fit on the roof of your car or truck.

No matter where you are here in the Hudson Valley, at one time or another you have seen the family driving home from the Christmas tree place with their Christmas tree strapped down to the roof of their car.

After we got our tree last weekend, the guys at the tree farm tied it down to the roof of my SUV and away we went. Yes we made it home safe and sound with the tree still on top of the truck.

According to News 7, Police out of Sudbury, Massachusetts have issued a warning to people that are planning on transporting their tree this year after one of the police officers pulled over this car...

As you can see the driver was hauling a tree that almost covered the entire vehicle, making it almost impossible to safely see the road. Police are reminding us to make sure that when you pick out your tree this year make sure that you have a safe way to transport the tree to your house.

Police did not say if the driver in the picture received a ticket or not.

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