It was earlier this year that we told you about the plastic bag ban that was going into effect all across New York State. The deadline to stop using single use plastic bags is March 2020. However some towns and counties have put a ban in effect much earlier. For instant the Village of New Paltz has had a ban since 2015 and unlike the state ban set for next year, it includes restaurants and taverns.

Whether or not you are for or against single use plastic bags (the ones typically handed out at the grocery store) the ban is coming so it is a good time to be stocking up on the reusable. Single use bags in my house often get reused. I actually have one of those caddies that holds them on the wall so you can store them more easily. But that is all soon going to be a thing of the past and probably much soon than later. My husband actually informed me that we are running out of bags and I might know why.

Ever since they announced the ban I have been stocking up on store bags. I have collected a few from each of the grocery stores where I shop. I am not informed on whether or not it is good shopping bag etiquette to bring a Tops bag into Hannaford and vice versa. So now I have plenty of both. I have even started collecting the bottle bags for my wine but I still need one big enough for my Tito's bottle. I sure if I let them know they would send me one.

That's the cool thing about the reusable bag movement - everyone wants you to have their bag.

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