Have you ever heard of IV vitamin therapy or infusion before? A few years back I saw videos on Instagram promoting it after New Year’s Eve. I have also been to doctors who gave me an IV of Vitamin C to feel better, which made me feel like a brand-new person.

IV vitamin infusion therapy starts off with an actual IV line that goes into your vein typically in your arm as if you were giving blood.

However, this IV line would typically have vitamins, antioxidant and minerals in a liquid form which would transfer through the IV and into your body.

Every business is different, but they may also only include one vitamin or certain nutrients. IV therapy can help with anti-aging, hangovers, detoxification and more.

I would love to try this and have personal experience some time soon. Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley that offer IV therapy or infusion.


Youthful You, Montgomery

This female led business is in the village of Montgomery. They take pride in making sure their clients receive essential vitamins and minerals. They offer one on one sessions, on and off site for gatherings and special occasions. Whether if it is for a birthday, wedding or more, you could have IV nutrition therapy at the palm of your hands.

Check out more info here.


Hudson Valley Healing Center, Poughkeepsie

This healing center offers Vitamin IV therapy in person and by delivery. Whether this would consist of your home or office, during a bachelorette party or event, you can schedule this session with them.

You can see their full list of pricing by visiting here.

You can set up an appointment by calling their number, 845-849-0838.


HEBE Medical Spa, Fishkill

IV Therapy is available at HEBE Medical Spa and is customized to the clients need. They use vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help make you feel your best. If you are unsure, you can always schedule a consult with them.

I was reading the list of vitamins and nutrients and I would totally get the Myer’s Cocktail; it sounds like everything that I need.

They have a full list of those are candidates and what to expect afterwards by visiting the link here.


Have you ever tried IV therapy or infusion? Share with us below.

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