Today is a special day and I am reminded of it because of Facebook memories.  OK, it's not that I'll forget the memory but sometimes the actual date.

Three years ago I was having dinner with my dad and I'll forever remember that day.

He was a great man but ever since his wife died he was starting to fail health wise.  He was developing Dimentia and that caused him to forget things.  He would forget to eat, forget his way places and he would even forget his pants but that's a story for another day.

I went to pick him up and we headed out, he decided we were having pizza, wings and beer which shocked me because I can probably count on both hands the amount of times I had seen him drink.

He ordered a whole square pizza, 2 dozen wings and a pitcher of Miller Lite.  He ate 18 wings, 8 cuts of pizza and drank most of the pitcher but that's not what I remember the most.

We talked.  A lot.  He remembered things that he would never remember.  He offered advice on life, marriage, cars, work, money and basically everything that I'd need him for in the future.  We laughed about things and had one of the best 2 hours together that we had in years.

Little did I know that he would pass just over a month later.

Take advantage of EVERY chance you have and treasure those memories.

I miss you dad.  Thanks for the great memories.

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