I wish that headline were a joke.

BabyCenter.com did some research on trendy baby names for 2015. The results are surprising and confusing. I don't have any children, but I'm sure naming a person is a pretty big deal. This human has to respond and explain their name for the rest of their life. How do you explain being named after an Instagram filter? "Oh yes, my mother was a big fan of the tone of this instagram filter."

Of course the top names were normal by our standards. Jackson for the boys and Sophia for the girls topped the name list. However, the names Lux, Ludwig, Amaro and Valencia are all making huge jumps on the baby name charts. They're also popular filters on Instagram. Parents are also naming their kids after royalty. Seriously, the name Royalty is up 90% this year.

The television show "Empire" has had an effect on the baby name game. Dre, Lyon, Hakeem and Lucious are all up percentage wise. Hopefully those kids are born with the talent their characters have.

Would you name your child after something on social media? What about your favorite television character? TV character I can understand, because usually they're normal names. I can't imagine naming a kid Twitter, but that's just me.

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