This is a hot topic and oh boy are people passionate!

We have talked a bunch of times about the American classic sandwich, the PB & J. We talked a few months ago about my daughter Julianna making her PB&J with a spoon and not a butter knife, which I still can't believe.

With the PB&J on the mind, we got a message yesterday from Dave, who wanted to tell us about something that happened with his 17-year-old son, something he called an abomination.

Dave told us that, "My son is 17 and was making a PB and J sandwich. I was on the computer on the kitchen island and not really watching until I saw an abomination.
He put the peanut butter on one slice, and then, for some unknown reason that goes against nature, he put the blankin' jelly on top of the peanut butter.


We brought this up on the air today and both Jess and I agree. It's an ABOMINATION!!!

To make the perfect PB&J you need to put the peanut butter on one slice of Wonder bread, the jelly on the other slice and then you join the two pieces of bread and do what I call the sandwich shuffle by smushing the bread slices together so they get mixed up a little.

One of the weirdest suggestions that we got today was from Dan who said, "I do Separate the peanut butter from the jelly but I also use nacho Doritos in the center of my PB&J. Sounds weird but try it!!!!" No problem, I will definitely try at some point this week and let you guys know how it tastes coming up.

How do you make the perfect PB&J? Let us know on Facebook and if you would like to really get in the PB&J mood, listen to this.....

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