Birthday parties can be super expensive, is this mom wrong for asking guests to pick up the tab?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we give everyone a chance to get some help solving a problem or issue in their life with what we call, "We Gotcha Wednesday." We get all kinds of emails from people that have all different types of issues and all they are looking for is a little advice. Well. they have come to the right place because as I have said many times, you guys give the best advice!

This week we have a bit of Mom drama as Kathy wrote to us,

"A friend of my son is having a 14th birthday party next week and the mom that is throwing the party is doing it at a go kart track and she's CHARGING everyone $82 to attend. That includes $59 for the karts and $23 for transportation 80 miles round trip to and from the track. Plus she is asking us to all to bring a lunch.

Am I wrong, but doesn't this seem unreasonable? What do you guys think?"

Both Jess and I agree that instead of throwing a big party like this (that obviously the mom can't afford to do), maybe she should just do a party at their house, maybe like a BBQ or something like that.

Jess also said that maybe instead of inviting a bunch of kids, maybe this mom should have her son pick two or three friends and only take them to the track.

My rule is that if I can't afford to do it myself, I'm not going to plan something that is out of my means. How about you? Do you think the mom that's throwing the party is being unreasonable by asking everyone to pay their own way and bring lunch? Call or text us through the Wolf app or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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