Paul Revere and Samuel Adams are names that we are very familiar with and we're about to get a glimpse into things they used during their lifetime and thought were important enough to save after this week's discovery in Boston. Workers were repairing a water leak at the Massachusetts State House, when they came across a hidden treasure. They immediately stopped working and called in the experts.

CNN, a local expert from the Museum of Fine Arts spent most of Thursday delicately and painstakingly chipping away at the cornerstone trying to extricate what appeared to be a very old box. They have determined that the box-shaped capsule was placed by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House in 1795, the year construction began on the building. Based on notes that the Historical Commission is in possession of, they believe that some of Paul Revere's papers, a plate, and coins, among other items, could be in the box, all items from the 1600's. Amazing stuff.

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