Remember the Cheez-In Diner in Woodstock, New York? A piece of the diner is now up for auction with donations going to a great cause for local New York schools.

The Cheez-In Diner Lands in Woodstock, New York

Around May 17th, 2024, local Ulster County Facebook groups were buzzing with rumors of a new diner on Tinker Street in Woodstock, New York. A sign with "Cheez-In Diner" was displayed at the old Dixons Roadside at 261 Tinker Street.

Many believe a commercial was being filmed, when in actuality it was a surprise Cheez-It popup!

The world-only Cheez-In Diner opened up in Woodstock, New York from May 20th, 2024 until May 26th, 2024, serving Cheez-It-themed menu items. Guests could enjoy foods like Cheez-It crusted chicken tenders, Cheez-It biscuits, and Cheez-It Milkshakes.

There was also an old-school car on location and Cheez-It Jukebox. Now that the Cheez-In Diner popup has ended, they're auctioning off a piece of the world's only Cheez-In Diner.

Own a Rockin' Piece of Cheez-It History

Speaking of the Cheez-It Jukebox...the iconic piece from the Cheez-In Diner is now up for auction on eBay.

The World's First and Only Cheez-It Jukebox plays music, but instead of using a coin to select your song, you must use a Cheez-It. This unique piece of Cheez-It and Woodstock history could be yours.


At last check, bidding is up to $1,125.

Representatives from Kellanova tell us that proceeds from the auction will "support schools in the surrounding New York area via DonorsChoose and will be matched with an additional donation from Kellanova."


You can bid until Monday, June 3rd on the eBay website. 

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