A group of bears is celebrating a birthday this week in the Hudson Valley.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York is an organization that has been around for years and its mission is  "to provide safety and nurturing to animals that are truly orphaned and prepare them to return to a life in the wild."

Over the years the Otisville wildlife center has become the home of 8 bears: Leo, Jenny, Amy, Sonya, Frankie, Kimmy, Randy and Rosie. The staff is made up of bear professionals Jim and Susanne Kowalczik and Kerry Clair who work tirelessly to expand the center and help young animals in need, according to their website.

Beary, Beary Birthday Celebration in Otisville, NY

On January 19th, 2023, the Orphaned Wildlife Center celebrated the birthday of all 8 of their bears. They write:

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEARS! Today is the day we celebrate the bears birthday! All the bears turn a year older today! Leo is 28 years old.Jenny, Amy and Sonya are 18 today, Frankie is 12 today, and Kimmy, Randy and Rosie are 26 today. Happy Birthday everyone! Why is the bears birthday today? Well, that is because bears are almost always born in January, and this is the day that was Susan’s father’s birthday…and so we celebrate them all today.

Watch Leo enjoy some birthday treats below:

Famous Hudson Valley Bears

The bears at the Orphaned Wildlife Center might seem familiar to you and for good reason. Back in February of last year, ABC News and Good Morning America gave Leo the bear the spotlight as a video of Leo enjoying his birthday cake went viral.

Since we learned that all the bears celebrate today, it's only right that on the count of 3, we say Happy Birthday. Ready? 1...2...3... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OTISVILLE BEARS!

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