While driving throughout the Hudson Valley, how many times have you noticed trees that seem a little to close to power lines, or stretches of dead trees by power lines that someone ought to remove? The utility companies notice them too and while it's impossible to be on every street in every town they cover each year, they do have plans in place to address these issues.

Orange & Rockland typically do what is called their Line Clearance Program, in towns and communities every four years. Obviously, this is a rotating schedule as some towns were included last summer, but won't be for another few years.

Starting around the first of July, the town of Monroe will be impacted by this program in an effort to reduce the danger and annoyance of power outages.

According to the Village of Monroe Mayor, James Purcell, Orange and Rockland will be working to cut back any trees touching the lines or those that may interfere with power lines. Nelson Tree Service have been contracted to do the work and residents will get a letter notifying them if their street is on the list and what to expect.

If you have any questions, call Village Hall at 845-782-8341.

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