The Blooming Grove Police Department is warning residence to be vigilant after a recent break in.

According to a Facebook post from Sunday, October 30th, earlier last week (October 26th) the Blooming Grove Police Department had been contacted by Orange and Rockland Utilities. They told police that a costumer had been burglarized by a man claiming to be an employee of O&R.


The post continues on stating that the suspect knocked on the back door of a Blooming Grove residents house, said he worked for O&R and that the power would be out over the weekend as work was to be done on a utility pole. The man then told the homeowner he would need to check the electrical box in the basement before continuing on. While the homeowner and suspect went downstairs an unidentified suspect went in the house and stole jewelry and cash.

The suspect was described as a white male in his 30’s, with “bad” or missing teeth, as well as severe acne and thing beard and mustache. A similar event took place in Monroe last week on the same day and around the same time. No word yet if the two events are connected.

If you are a Blooming Grove Resident, the police department is ask that if you experience suspicious activity to call police. With that being said if someone comes to your door and asks to be let in, make sure to ask for proper identification.


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