As school is winding down for the summer, kids are getting restless, and you're about to scream if you have to check your kids homework one more time, I ask that you take a deep breath as you read the next sentence.

Let's talk about back-to-school supplies for this coming September. No, I haven't lost my mind. As a matter of fact, it's just the opposite. The folks in Harriman have come up with, what I think, is a brilliant idea to collect school supplies for those less fortunate before we all head off for summer vacation.

Think about, how many notebooks did you buy, at a bargain price, that never got used this year or if they were, only a few sheets of paper are missing. Did you buy a desk lamp that never got used, folders in colors or patterns that your kids hated, have more pens and pencils than you know what to do with? Are your kids moving up next year and they'll need a new backpack, but there's still life in the one they used this year?

If any of this sounds familiar, you can not only free up space at your home, recycle items that can still be used, but you'll also be helping a less fortunate child know that they will be prepared for school come September. Imagine the sense of relief you can give a family.

Gather your items up and bring them to the Village of Harriman offices at One Church Street, Monday through Friday from 8-4 or at the Harriman Police Department anytime. The supplies will go to help students in the Monroe Woodbury School District.

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