Where's the guy with the funny hair? I'm not saying it's aliens but it looks like it could be aliens.

I'm a connoisseur of all things strange around the Hudson Valley. I grew up watching the X-Files and I had no idea that when I moved to the area that I was moving to a hotbed of UFO activity. We're not strangers to the supernatural around here. From vans hanging in trees, shipwrecks and talking Christmas eggs the Hudson Valley region of New York is home to a lot of weird things but many of them can't compete with the bizarre place in Saugerties, New York known as Opus 40. What is it? Is it a maze or a sculpture or both?

At first glance Opus 40 looks like a landmark that could be featured on the next episode of Ancient Aliens. It also looks like it could be a site of some creepy cult worship. It's stunning architecture has gotten a lot of attention over the years. Amanda Palmer even used it as the backdrop for her music video when she covered Pink Floyd's Mother.

So what's the deal with this place? The story behind it isn't really that strange at all. No, it wasn't put there by aliens and it's not a monolith for some ancient deity. According to their website, Opus 40 is a 6 and a half acre sculpture created by a retired professor at Bard using old quarry stones. Opus 40 sit on about 50 acres of quarries and forest. It was supposedly inspired by ancient Mayan ruins.

You can take a tour of the cool landscape by scheduling a tour.

Check out some photos of Opus 40 below.

9 Photos of the Weird Opus 40 Park

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