This has been the most useful thing I've found on the internet this week and saved me from a panic attack.

Okay, so it didn't actually save me from a panic attack because that totally happened yesterday, but it's helpful. USAToday posted an article with "Tips, Tricks and deadlines for Holiday mail." Believe me if you're a procrastinator then you'll want to take a look at this. Christmas is 4 days away so if you're scrambling to get your Christmas gifts (kind of like I am) then take a look at this:

Get those Amazon Prime orders in, one click shopping will definitley come in handy in the next 48  hours. Fed Ex will be busy with their last minute packages as will

So if you're really going to order your last minute Christmas gifts online, try and get it done today. I suggest you forgo the online order and either slip your loved one and "I.O.U" or shop local! We have great local stops all over the Hudson Valley.

Good luck with your shopping and Merry Christmas!


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