I recently got an email to save $20 off an online grocery order for store pickup.  Now, some may call me lame, but I love a good grocery store trip, especially if i'm going in with a game plan, and yes, with coupons.  I'm even more excited if i'm headed to the store alone.  I'm typically the type that enjoys planning out my shopping trips, finding the best deals for what we need, and to be honest, strolling up and down the aisles with my headphones on enjoying some down time.

Back to the $20 off coupon - last week was pretty busy for us, we were prepping to have some work done in the house so things were all over the place, I had a few late nights at work planned, and wasn't sure when i'd be able to get my errands done.  I decided to click on the coupon, see what this online business was about, ended up adding some stuff to my online cart, and scheduled a time for pickup.


Drove up to the store, parked in the online pickup parking, called the number on the sign, and within minutes someone was dropping the contents of my shopping list into my trunk and I was on my way.

No waiting in line, no impulse purchases, none of that - just the items I needed delivered to my car.  You can even tell them specific details about what you want, for example, green-ish bananas rather than ripe and yellow- score!

Will I do this every week, probably not, but man, when you have a busy week and know what you need, to me, this is a big time game-changer.  I think this can likely come in really handy for some of us, especially with the insanity of the holiday season.

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