Many historic moments have happened in the Hudson Valley. Some of these stories have gone unnoticed while others are carried on through generations and centuries.

In Ulster County, the oldest intersection in America exists. In Orange County, historic columns from the time that Henry Hudson arrived are on sight for display. Ulster County also has the oldest bridge in the area and is also known for its three names.  

In Dutchess County, NY three historical sites and homes are on display. The community is able to visit, explore and gain knowledge of how these historical sites were home to people who changed the world for the better.

It's no surprise that visitors come from all over the world to experience the Hudson Valley.

Do You Know Where New York State's Biggest Tree Is Located?

 New York State's biggest tree is located in upstate, New York. Scenic Hudson provided information regarding NYS's biggest tree.

"TREE HUGGERS REJOICE!!! Arborist Fred Breglia has found New York's largest tree. The eastern cottonwood resides in a floodplain near the #HudsonRiver in Rensselaer County. At 108 feet tall and 33 feet 9 1/4 inches in circumference, it *might* also hold the record for largest of its kind in the nation!"

According to Scenic Hudson, Fred Breglia is an arborist who found the largest tree in New York. He claims that it's an eastern cottonwood.

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Have You Spotted The Oldest Tree Of Its Kind In America In The Hudson Valley?




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Have you spotted this tree before? It's possible you have driven past this tree several times without knowing the historical information that goes along with it.

Scenic Hudson provided information about this famous tree.

"On #LoveATreeDay, let's show some love for Newburgh's iconic Balmville Tree! Surviving over three centuries, it's the oldest Eastern cottonwood on record and a beloved Hudson Valley landmark."


"In the 1970s, when there was talk of clearing the area for a highway, Margaret Mead + Pete Seeger were among the prominent advocates who rallied opposition to the plan."


"In the 1990s, after a 45-foot branch fell from it, the Newburgh Town Council voted to cut down the tree. Residents took action to keep the landmark, raising over $15,000, and voted out multiple representatives who'd advocated for removing the tree. (And yes, Scenic Hudson offered to represent the tree in court."


This Hudson Valley Tree Is On The National Register Of Historic Places

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Scenic Hudson shared,

"In 2000, the Balmville Tree was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It was even made the smallest official State Forest."

Do you know of any of the trees that are also on the National Register of Historic Places? This is the first tree that I have heard that's a part of that which makes it even more special that it's located in the Hudson Valley.

Was The Balmville Tree Cut Or Torn Down Purposely In The Hudson Valley?

According to the Historical Marker Database,

The Balmville Tree has been standing since 1699. The historical information is backed up by a Harvard University scientist who took a sample and claimed it was the start of life. It's also said that the tree was there before George Washington was in Newburgh, NY, and before his mother was born.

Hudson Valley residents from the past and present have shown their love for this famous tree.

The Historical Marker Database claimed,

"One story was that when Matthew Vassar was down and out, he slept under the Tree and got such a good rest that he was able to continue his trip to Poughkeepsie, establish a brewery and acquire enough wealth to establish college of note in 1865. "


"By the late 19th century the Tree was loved by the City of Newburgh residents. They began a Sunday afternoon tradition of taking a walk out to the tree. The Balmville Promenade continued well into the 20th century."

According to Scenic Hudson,

"State authorities finally removed most of it in 2015, saying its deterioration made it a hazard to anyone passing by — but they acknowledged taking it down "with great sadness." When it was cut, the massive trunk was mostly hollow. The Balmville Tree gave and grew until it had nothing left. 💕"


Thankfully, The Balmville Tree Can Still Be Viewed In The Hudson Valley


The Balmville Tree is located on Old Balmville Rd, Newburgh, NY 12550. This historical landmark carries on stories from a different time in place for us to observe in person.

Where is your favorite historical site to visit in the Hudson Valley? If there are multiple ones, list them below.

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